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Easter 2023 in Naples: the places not to be missed!

GO-ON-ITALY Pasqua 2023 a Napoli

Easter 2023 in Naples: the places not to be missed!
Ci sono molte Napoli: chiassosa, sotterranea, culinaria (a proposito, scopri cosa mangiare e bere a Napoli), maradoniana ma c’è soprattutto la Napoli archeologica, millenaria e indimenticabile. Among the proposals of GO-ON-ITALY could not miss an itinerary all inspired by antiquity. Here it is.


The National Archaeological Museum of Naples is the result of the intuition of Charles of Bourbon. On the throne of the Kingdom of Naples in 1734, he proposed to explore the cities of Vesuvius to create one of the oldest and richest collections in Europe. It houses, among others, the second Egyptian Collection of importance after that of the Egyptian Museum of Turin. Very beautiful is the Farnese Collection, the most famous of the Roman antiquities collections, started by Pope Paul III in 1534. Visiting the museum you can also admire two thousand specimens of gems, the erotic subjects of the Secret Cabinet and the magnificent mosaics from the villas of Pompei and Ercolano.

Naples - National Archaeological Museum
Naples – National Archaeological Museum


We all remember the fateful date of 79 AD, the eruption that the Pompeians did not know could happen, they ignored, in fact, that Vesuvius was a volcano. Walking through the streets and houses preserved from that tragic event two thousand years ago remains a unique privilege in the world for all visitors.

Naples - Pompei and Ercoalno Archaeological Area
Naples – Pompei and Ercoalno Archaeological Area


A few steps from Piazza del Gesù and the San Severo Chapel, overlooking Spaccanapoli, one of the most famous streets of the city, there is the Monastery of Santa Chiara. The cloisters are worth a visit, especially the large, majolica.

Completely transformed by Domenico Antonio Vaccaro, these maintained the Gothic structure, redesigning only the rustic garden decorated with precious majolica “riggiole”, which reflect landscapes and Neapolitan bucolic scenes.

Having survived the bombings of 1943, the perfectly preserved cloister fascinates visitors.

In the same complex, in addition to the archaeological museum, the excavations have brought to light a thermal plant operating until the fourth century.

The site is divided into two sectors, one exclusively thermal that is divided into a natatio (rectangular pool), a tepidarium or perhaps calidarium (another smaller quadrangular pool), a laconicum (service plant) and a nymphaeum or frigidarium further north; the other part is equipped with swimming pool and gym.

Naples - Santa Chiara
Naples – Santa Chiara


De Sade, after a visit to Naples and the Phlegraean Fields, said “the surroundings of Naples are the most wonderful in the world. The destruction and chaos of volcanoes incline the soul to imitate the criminal hand of nature“. Even Goethe was so fascinated that he dedicated a wide description to them in his Viaggio in Italia.

So why not get lost between the temples of Serapis and Augustus, between the large monumental necropolis (including the necropolis of Via Celle) and the two amphitheaters? Afterwards you can dedicate yourself to a bit of healthy relaxation at the spa of Lucrino, where thanks to the heat produced by the stoves of Nerone you can immerse yourself in the boiling water in special pools located on the beach.

Naples - Campi Flegrei Museum
Naples – Campi Flegrei Museum

Do not miss the thousands of wonders that Naples can offer: book your Easter in the city with GO-ON-ITALY!
Easter 2023 in Naples will be wonderful!

Easter 2023 in Naples: the places not to be missed!
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