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New Year’s Eve 2024 in Matera: live the wonder!

GO-ON-ITALY Basilicata Matera

Celebrate New Year’s Eve 2024 in Matera enjoying its cuisine and discovering the charm of its heritage.

Matera, charming city of Sassi, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offers a unique experience to celebrate the New Year in an extraordinary historical and cultural context. With its ancient beauty and modern liveliness, Matera is the ideal place to welcome the new year.

GO-ON-ITALY Basilicata Matera caves
Basilicata, the caves of Matera

Explore the stones and the history of Matera

Start your adventure in Matera by immersing yourself in the maze of Sassi. These ancient dwellings carved into the rock offer a unique architectural spectacle: walk the winding streets, admire the underground and let yourself be transported back in time as you explore the millennial history of this fascinating city. Take a look at our private tour, it will be beautiful!

What to do and see in Matera

Ready to eat, go!

The New Year’s Eve is the perfect opportunity to enjoy authentic Lucan cuisine. The restaurants of Matera offer a wide range of traditional dishes, such as fresh pasta, local meats and cheeses. A New Year’s Eve dinner in one of the cozy bars of the old town will allow you to enjoy the authentic flavors of Basilicata. Get ready: the Crusco pepper will win you over! And you want to fall in love with a local wine, we bring you to discover those of Vulture with our dedicated experience.

What to eat and drink in Matera

Fun and games

If you are looking for fun for the New Year, Matera will not disappoint. Squares and clubs organize special events to celebrate the arrival of the new year. From outdoor parties with live music to street dances, there is a festive atmosphere involving residents and visitors, creating a vibrant energy for the year-end night. Matera also hosts cultural events, art exhibitions and shows to entertain visitors. Join the local celebrations and immerse yourself in the traditions of Basilicata to live an authentic experience during the New Year.

The surroundings of Matera

The surroundings of Matera are worth a visit, and you should take the opportunity to explore the beauty of Basilicata and Puglia. From towns like Altamura, famous for its bread, to picturesque places like the Murgia Materana Park, there is much to discover in the surroundings.

GO-ON-ITALY Apulia Altamura
Apulia, the alleys of Altamura

Delicious gastronomy, warm parties, unique history and timeless beauty. Enjoy the traditions of Basilicata, Matera will welcome you warmly, giving you an unforgettable start to the year.


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