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The island of Dino


The island of Dino is an enchanting island located along the north-western coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea, opposite the town of Praia a Mare, in the province of Cosenza, in Calabria. This fascinating place is rich in history, natural beauty and adventure opportunities.

The origin of the name of the island of Dino has given rise to various interpretations. According to some theories, it could derive from the Latin term “aedina“, since once there stood on the island a temple dedicated to Venus, the goddess of love. At the same time, it is believed that the name could derive from the Greek term “dine“, meaning vortex or storm. This theory is supported by the island’s location in a gulf characterized by violent storms and navigational difficulties due to sea vortices.

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From the fifteenth to the seventeenth century, the island of Dino was the scene of numerous struggles, battles and pirate raids by Arab and Turkish ships. Even today it is possible to admire the Tower of Fiuzzi, also known as Torre dell’Isola di Dino, a structure of Norman origin that was used as a point of sighting, communication and alarm against invasions along the coast during the Angevin and Bourbon eras.

The perimeter of the island measures about 3 km and is characterized by numerous caves that make the island a true paradise for lovers of exploration. Among the most famous caves there is the Grotta delle Sardine, so called because its clear waters allow you to observe the seabed rich in starfish and schools of sardines. Then there is the Cave of the Waterfalls, characterized by small white stalactites and crystal clear waters that allow you to clearly admire the smooth rocks of the bottom covered by a light layer of moss, and the Grotta Azzurra, which offers a unique show thanks to the depth of about 12 meters and the green reflections of the lights that come from the bottom, in contrast to the transparency of the water. The Grotta del Frontone, so called because it corresponds to the large front of the island that faces the sea and points towards Scalea, has two entrances: the left one offers a view of the marble walls smoothed by the incessant flow of the sea, while the right one allows you to admire limestone columns enriched by concretions, stalagmites and stalactites.

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The seabed surrounding Dino Island is of great interest to diving enthusiasts. They are rich in Mediterranean gorgonians, in particular the Paramuricee species, which form a real marine forest and host a remarkable variety of fauna. These gorgonians are characterized by an unusual color ranging from red to yellow, with a series of intermediate shades.

In addition to the beauty of its caves and seabeds, the island of Dino boasts a rich vegetation typical of the Mediterranean. Here you can find rare plants such as the dwarf palm, the carnation of the cliffs and, in particular, the Primula di Palinuro, which grows on some limestone walls to the north and north-east of the island.

The fauna of the island is equally fascinating. Numerous migratory birds use the island of Dino as a resting place during their migrations: there you can also find wild rabbits, rodents and reptiles. In the surrounding sea, you can spot moray eels, octopus, grouper and amberjack.

The island of Dino is a hidden treasure on the Calabrian coast that offers a unique combination of history, breathtaking landscapes, picturesque caves, fascinating seabeds and rich flora and fauna. An ideal place for lovers of nature, water sports and explorers who wish to live an unforgettable experience in an unspoilt natural environment close to home.

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