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The typical Tuscan cuisine

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The typical Tuscan cuisine is based on a simple and tasty

Tuscany, probably the most famous Italian region abroad, is famous not only for its artistic and cultural heritage, but also for its extraordinary culinary tradition. The typical Tuscan cuisine is renowned for its simplicity, the use of high quality ingredients and the passion for genuine flavors. In this article, we will explore the typical Tuscan gastronomy and the dishes that have made this region a paradise for lovers of good food.

Olive oil

Tuscany is one of the main regions producing extra virgin olive oil in Italy. The Tuscan olive groves, which stretch for miles on the rolling hills typical of the local landscape, produce a high quality olive oil known for its fruity flavor and golden-green color. The ritual of the collection and production of oil attracts many tourists every year, determined to learn as much as possible from those who, for decades, have been involved in bringing to the tables around the world a simple and refined food like that.

GO-ON-ITALY The typical Tuscan cuisine olive oil
Olive oil

Tuscan bread

Tuscan bread, called “pane sciocco” or “Tuscan bread without salt“, is one of the icons of regional cuisine. Made with flour, water, salt-free, has a crispy crust and a light crumb. It is often served with olive oil and used as a base for many preparations, such as the classic “panzanella” or the “ribollita“, a traditional soup made of bread and vegetables.

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La ribollita

The “ribollita” is a traditional Tuscan soup, typical of peasant cuisine. Prepared with stale bread, kale, beans, tomatoes and vegetables, it is a feast of rustic and genuine flavors. The name “ribollita” comes from the practice of boiling the dish again the day after its preparation, to bring out the flavors. It is a good and hearty dish, perfect for cold winter evenings.

La Panzanella

The “panzanella” is a typical Tuscan salad, ideal for summer. Prepared with stale Tuscan bread, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, basil and olive oil, this salad is a delight of freshness and flavor. Its simplicity and the combination of ingredients make it a popular choice for a light lunch or a summer appetizer.

La pappa al pomodoro

The “pappa al pomodoro” is another iconic dish of Tuscan cuisine. It is a soup prepared with stale Tuscan bread, ripe tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, basil and black pepper. The bread is softened by cooking with tomatoes and olive oil, creating a creamy and enveloping texture. It is a perfect dish to take advantage of the fresh ingredients of the Tuscan summer.

GO-ON-ITALY the typical Tuscan cuisine pappa al pomodoro
La pappa al pomodoro

The Florentine style steak

The Florentine steak (bistecca alla Fiorentina) is one of the most famous dishes of Tuscan cuisine and, for many, is the paradigm of grilled meat. This meat, cut of Chianina breed, is characterized by a succulent meat cooked strictly blood. It is simply seasoned with olive oil, salt and pepper and grilled to perfection. It is a perfect dish for meat lovers who want to experience the best of Tuscan cuisine.

I pici

The “pici” are a variety of fresh Tuscan pasta, similar to the thicker and handmade spaghetti, which are generally seasoned with wild boar sauce or aglione sauce, a typical Tuscan garlic, with a sweet and slightly pungent taste. The combination of the rusticity of pici and the sauces typical of the tradition is delicious: try it!

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Tuscan cuisine is a unique culinary experience, characterized by simple but high quality ingredients: make sure you enjoy at least one of these local delights, you will not regret it!



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