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Dotta, fat and red: the splendor of Bologna

GO-ON-ITALY - Bologna - Panorama

The city of towers and good food will surprise you

Bologna, capital of Emilia-Romagna, is a city that combines a rich historical and cultural tradition with a contemporary liveliness. Known as the “Dotta” (educated) for its ancient university, the “Grassa” (fat) for its exquisite gastronomy and the “Rossa” (red) for the colors of its buildings and its political history, Bologna has an indisputable charm. Here is an overview of the main attractions not to be missed.

The Two Towers

Symbol of Bologna, the Torre degli Asinelli and the Torre Garisenda dominate the city skyline. If you feel fit, climb the 498 steps of the Torre degli Asinelli: the panoramic view is breathtaking.

Piazza Maggiore

The beating heart of Bologna, the Piazza Grande sung by Lucio Dalla houses some of the most important buildings of the city, such as the Basilica of San Petronio, the Palazzo del Podestà and the Palazzo d’Accursio.

GO-ON-ITALY - Bologna - Piazza Maggiore
Bologna – Piazza Maggiore

Basilica of San Petronio

One of the largest churches in the world, this impressive Gothic basilica impresses with its size and the works of art preserved inside, including a fascinating solar meridian.


Once the seat of the University of Bologna, the building houses the Anatomical Theatre, where anatomy lessons were once held, and a beautiful library with ancient manuscripts.

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Via dell’Indipendenza e le “Due Madonne”

The main shopping street of Bologna, with elegant shops and cafes. Do not miss the two churches dedicated to Madonna di San Luca and the Madonna di Galliera, hence the popular name of the street.

I canali di Bologna

Many do not know that Bologna had a system of navigable canals. Today, the Moline Canal and the Reno Canal are among the few still visible, and offer an unusual glimpse of the city.

Il Santuario della Madonna di San Luca

Located on a hill overlooking Bologna, this sanctuary is connected to the city by a covered porch of almost 4 km, the longest in the world. A walk under its arches is a Bolognese tradition.

GO-ON-ITALY - Bologna - San Luca
Bologna – Santuario della Madonna di San Luca

Morandi Museum

Dedicated to the famous painter Giorgio Morandi, this museum houses a vast collection of his works, including still lives and landscapes, characterized by a quiet introspection.

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Palazzo Fava

In addition to being a beautiful Renaissance palace, it hosts frequent art exhibitions. The frescoes by Ludovico, Annibale and Agostino Carracci in the Salone dei Carracci are of particular importance.

Il Mercato di Mezzo

A true paradise for gastronomy lovers. Here you can taste some of the best Bolognese specialties, such as tortellini, mortadella and meat sauce.

Bologna is not only a city to see, but also to live. Its streets and squares are always animated by students, artists and musicians that give the city a unique liveliness. The arcades, which stretch for miles, offer shelter from winter rain and summer shade, and are the ideal place for a walk or a chat.

The gastronomic tradition of Bologna is famous all over the world. From historic trattorias to modern restaurants, we will be spoiled for choice on where to taste authentic dishes such as tagliatelle with meat sauce, green lasagne and cutlets Bolognese.

Bologna that combines history and modernity, culture and fun, in a fascinating and irresistible mix. Whether you are an art lover, a foodie or simply a curious traveller, Bologna will surprise and conquer you.



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