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Lake parties? Yes, in Stresa!

GO-ON-ITALY Isola Bella Stresa Piemonte

For the New Year 2024 live a unique experience in Stresa: between natural beauty and Piedmontese traditions.

Stresa, an enchanting jewel on the shores of Lake Maggiore, is a perfect place to spend a holiday, close or far from the festivals. The New Year’s Eve is special: the elegant and charming atmosphere. With its breathtaking panoramic views, rich history and fun activities, Stresa offers an unforgettable experience to welcome the New Year.

Explore the Lake Maggiore

Lake Maggiore is the beating heart of Stresa. During New Year’s Eve, take a lake cruise to admire the surrounding natural wonders, such as the Isole Borromee with their charming gardens and historic buildings. We love this experience so much that we organized it for you!

GO-ON-ITALY Stresa Piedmont
Stresa, view of Isola Bella.

Elegant dinners and delicious food

Stresa boasts a wide selection of high quality restaurants. Spend New Year’s Eve enjoying an elegant and refined dinner in one of the renowned local restaurants, enjoy Piedmontese cuisine, with delicious dishes based on fresh fish from the lake and local products that will satisfy the most demanding palates.

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Class parties

If you are looking for New Year’s party, Stresa will not disappoint you. Many of the luxury and local hotels organize exclusive parties with live music, dancing and entertainment to celebrate the transition to the following year. From elegant evenings with champagne and jazz music to wild parties, there is an option for all tastes.

During the festivities, Stresa hosts cultural events such as concerts, theater performances or art exhibitions to entertain visitors. Join the local celebrations and immerse yourself in the Piedmontese traditions to live an authentic experience during the New Year’s Eve.

GO-ON-ITALY Gnocchi all'ossolana
Gnocchi alll’ossolana.

Exceptional walks

Stresa also offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in nature: walks on the lakeside or through the botanical gardens offer views of the lake and the surrounding mountains. Even in winter, the natural beauty of Stresa is something not to be missed on New Year’s Eve.

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Stresa is an idyllic destination at any time of the year and even becomes magical during the holidays. A combination of elegance, natural beauty, upscale dining options and fun, it offers an amazing experience to welcome the arrival of the New Year. Whether you want to explore the lake, enjoy a refined dinner, participate in local parties or simply immerse yourself in nature, Stresa will give you unforgettable memories. Book with us!



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