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Mantua, history, art and culture

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Small but wonderful town, the Duchy of Gonzaga will surprise you

In the heart of Lombardy, embraced by the three lakes created by the river Mincio, is Mantua, one of the Italian cities rich in history, art and traditions. Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, this Renaissance gem has a lot to offer its visitors. We at GO-ON-ITALY are very ready to accompany you, but not without triggering your curiosity by telling you a bit of the magnificent things we will see together.

Palazzo Ducale

The imposing architectural complex of Palazzo Ducale, which extends for almost 35,000 square meters, was the main residence of the Gonzaga family, lords of Mantua for almost four centuries. Inside you can admire lavishly decorated rooms, courtyards and gardens. The fresco of the “Camera degli Sposi” by Andrea Mantegna is an absolute must, a splendor that attracts visitors from all over the world.

Mantua, history, art and culture
Mantua – Palazzo Ducale

Basilica di Sant’Andrea

Designed by the architectural genius of Leon Battista Alberti, this Renaissance basilica is one of the main places of worship in Mantua. Inside, the precious relic of the Precious Blood of Christ is kept.

Bibiena Theatre

Featuring an elliptical shape and rococo decorations, the Bibiena Theatre is a real gem. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart performed there at the age of 13, and was struck by its beauty.

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Palazzo Te

Another residence of the Gonzaga, this palace was designed by the architect Giulio Romano as a place of leisure and celebration: it is in fact a residence of delight. The frescoed rooms tell myths, stories and passions of the noble family. Do not miss the evocative Sala dei Giganti.

Piazza Sordello

Sordello da Goito, to whom this square is named, owes its fame mainly to Dante Alighieri, who placed it in Purgatory and used the character to trigger the famous invective “Ahi serva Italia”. Heart of Mantua, this square houses some of the main monuments of the city, including the Duomo, the Palazzo Viscovile and a part of the Palazzo Ducale. Perfect for an evening stroll.

Rotonda di San Lorenzo

This is the oldest place of worship in Mantua, dating from the eleventh century. Although from the outside it may seem austere, the interior, with its frescoes and structure, reveals a surprising refinement.

Mantua, history, art and culture
Mantua – Rotonda di San Lorenzo

Casa del Mantegna

Residence of the famous painter Andrea Mantegna, this circular structure is a unique example of domestic Renaissance architecture. The central courtyard, with its well, is particularly impressive.

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Lago di Mezzo e Ponte di San Giorgio

A walk along Lago di Mezzo offers panoramic views of Mantua, with its towers and domes that are reflected on the water. The Ponte di San Giorgio, with its stone structure, is a perfect observation point.

State Archives and Clock Tower

Located in Piazza delle Erbe, these two buildings bear witness to the city’s history. The Archive preserves important historical documents, while the Tower opens an exceptional window on the city.



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Pesaro and Urbino

The Marches

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