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The island of Cirella

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The island of Cirella, a jewel located along the northwest coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea in front of the city of Diamante, is a charming Calabrian island with origins dating back to prehistoric times. Taking its name from the city of Cirella, formerly known as Cerillae, the island boasted an important strategic position during the era of Magna Grecia and Rome, serving as a vital port for the region. Today, visitors can admire the impressive ruins of the Torre dell’Isola, a military fortification erected in 1562 to protect the city and the coastal area from the onslaught of pirates and Saracens. Exploring this tower offers an immersion in history, along with a breathtaking panoramic view of the coast.

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Cirella is also renowned for its underwater archaeological riches. It is believed that in the sea surrounding the island are hidden some finds dating back to Greco-Roman times, as evidenced by the discovery of ancient amphorae. This discovery arouses fascination and curiosity, inviting history buffs to explore the deep sea to discover more underwater treasures.

The flora on the island of Cirella is typical of the lush Mediterranean scrub, with fragrant lemon groves and euphorbia plants that sprout between the sea cliffs and limestone rocks. The incessant action of marine erosion has shaped the surrounding environment, giving rise to numerous caves and coves, which add an element of mystery and beauty to the island. Exploring these lush forests gives you a breathtaking experience, especially at the time of the wonderful sunsets that you can admire.

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For divers, the deep sea that surrounds Cirella offers an unrivalled underwater paradise. In particular, on the east side of the island there are spectacular backdrops, rich in a varied marine vegetation, including the Posidonia Oceanica. This marine plant is of vital importance for the conservation of the ecosystems of the Mediterranean, defending the beaches from erosion and ensuring the cleanliness of the waters. Moreover, diving among the crystal clear waters, it is possible to sight specimens of Pinna nobilis, the largest bivalve present in the Mediterranean, often found in the prairies of Posidonia Oceanica. Diving enthusiasts will be enchanted by the beauty and biodiversity of this unique marine environment.

In summary, the island of Cirella offers a complete experience that combines history, picturesque landscapes and natural riches. Visiting this enchanting place allows you to immerse yourself in ancient history, admire spectacular views of the coast and explore the seabed full of life and archaeological wonders. Cirella is a hidden treasure of Calabria waiting to be discovered and appreciated by travelers and nature lovers from all over the world.

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